toph_cupcake's Journal

Hello Im Toph

I'm a
lolita wearing
decora loving
hardcore partying
neatness loving
hello kitty obsessed
slightly ocd
book reading
animal owning
someday acting
book writhing
seam sewing
hopeful photographer

my favorite things
Lolita clothing angelic pretty' clothing is soo perfect and sweet it makes my eyes bleed candyflosss

obscure anime !!!i love just clicking on a random anime and watching at least the first few minutes gosh some of it is oddishly good

art !! i love to draw ok i snt that good but still its fun as fudge and helps me to relax

photography taking pictures of landscapes, flowers, cute houses anything that looks kool

need i say more

umm any tim burton film that man is a grantuain genius !!!!

My friends

Feel free to add me if you have simular intrests